10 days International Sushi course

Sushi and Washoku(Japanese Cuisine) Intensive Course with Authentic technique

About the Course

  • Intensive course

    The course will intensively cover both sushi and washoku (Japanese cuisine) over 10 days

  • Learn both Sushi and Washoku

    Students will learn techniques for preparing representative popular fish and for making nigiri, while learning how to use the fish in washoku cuisine in the afternoon.

  • The most popular Sushi school in japan

    The course is only offered at the Singapore Branch of Tokyo Sushi Academy, the pioneer of sushi school with the most extensive track record in Japan.

  • For carrer

    The course is great for those wishing to improve their sushi skills as well as washoku and those aiming to shift up their careers in the actual kitchen.

  • Instructors

    The course is taught by devoted instructors from the Tokyo Sushi Academy who have extensive experiences in Japan and overseas.

  • Local menu

    Students can also master popular sushi and Japanese Cuisine dishes in Singapore and among ASEAN countries.

  • Graduates’ network

    During the course, students can visit restaurants operated by graduates of Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore and see how they have achieved their goals at Tokyo Sushi Academy. Consultation, for the practical training at the restaurants, is also possible.

  • The certificate

    The certificate will be given to students who have successfully completed the course as well as an officially recognized bronze qualification certified by Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.


Chef Hirotsugu Tsumoto

An instructor with a track record of over 15 years as a chef in Las Vegas, USA,

Chef Tsumoto joined the Tokyo Sushi Academy instructor team in 2016.

He is an exceptional chef who also has experience in architectural design (including restaurant design).

His motto is that creativity is essential in cooking, as elsewhere.


Schedule29th Aug – 8th Sep
28th Nov – 8th Dec
Time Table9:00am – 16:30pm
Curriculum Classes will be held every day in a two-part structure consisting of sushi and washoku.

The fee will be reduced by SGD600 for students attending the sushi course only.

・The five days of the first half will cover the basics of sushi and washoku
・The five days of the second half will enable study of applied techniques and will include repetition training

TuitionSushi & Washoku course (Bronze certificate included)

Total 4,000 SG$ + GST 7%

– Tuition 3,800 SG$ + GST 7%
– Enrollment fee 200 SG$ + GST 7%


1st-5th days

Students will learn basic techniques for authentic nigiri sushi and preparation of sushi ingredients,

and will master menu preparation techniques through applied training in Japanese cuisine.

AM SushiPM Washoku
1st dayHow to cook riceBasics of dashi; miso soup; chawanmushi
2nd daySalmon fillet preparation, Nigiri training  Grilled foods; Teriyaki, Saikyoyaki, etc.
3rd dayAji (Atlantic horse mackerel) and Saba (mackerel) preparation, Nigiri trainingAji and Saba dishes, Tataki, Tsumire, etc.
4th day10 types of vegetarian sushi Vegetable-cutting
5th dayTai (sea bream) preparationSashimi, Ushiojiru (salted fish broth)

Exam will be given to students seeking to obtain the bronze certification.    
Japan Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries qualification test (to Bronze Page, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)

6th-10th days

Students will learn techniques for makizushi and other knowledge of ingredients.
Instructors and students will cooperate to complete the last day of lectures with practical training at a real sushi counter, incorporating a review of the first half.

AM SushiPM Washoku
6th dayPreparation of shrimp, Nigiri trainingTempura
7th dayMakimono (3-4 types) Inari, Other local sushi
8th dayReview of Aji and Saba Aji and Saba dishes, Aji fry, etc. 
9th dayReview Preparation for counter training (preparation of maguro (tuna)
10th dayCounter training, Preparation and practical training Counter training, Preparation and practical training 
Bronze certification 


tokyo sushi academy sinagpore
Helen“I enjoyed the class very much and it was a good experience for me. The class is worth the price that I paid for it.”
Julien Casterede
Julien Casterede“It is useful for me to have a picture of the Japanese food before working in a Japanese restaurant. “
Martin"The chefs have a professional attitude, are well-organised and are knowledgeable.The course could have more hours in a day."
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