Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore is the only Branch, outside of Japan, of Tokyo Sushi Academy in Tokyo, which is known as a pioneer and very first sushi school in the world to offer a professional sushi training program.
Since TSA’s foundation in 2002, more than 4,000 alumni found a new career in over 50 countries.
You can meet both beginners and chefs coming from all over the world in pursuit of the same goal and heighten your intellectual motivation or find new business partners.
At our Singapore Branch, the school offers state-of-the-art programs and chef instructors with years of experience in the field of sushi and Japanese cuisine.

Our Program

Intensive Program

We use modern learning processes and techniques as compared to traditional training, so regardless of their past experiences or just the beginners, students are able to learn sushi making from the very scratch to professional level in just as short as 10days!

Practical lessons of sushi and tips of other Japanese dishes

The program also offers great tips of Japanese cuisine dishes, while features on practical lessons using various fish and ingredients for sushi making. These resources will allow you to learn diversely, ranging from the basics of sushi and Japanese cuisine to their latest trend.

Chef Instructors

Outstanding soccer players do not always make outstanding coaches. Similarly, cooking instructors need experience and sense. In the field of sushi and Japanese cuisine, which requires chefs to “watch and learn,” our passionate instructors will take advantage of their experience in teaching foreigners and answer each of your questions.

10days International Sushi Chef Course

Duration: 10days
Hours: 75hrs

Intensive course

The course will intensively cover both sushi and washoku (Japanese cuisine) over 10 days.Students will learn techniques for preparing representative popular fish and for making nigiri,while learning how to use the fish in washoku cuisine in the afternoon.(The AM is mainly sushi training, sashimi practice is included in the PM Washoku. The PM Washoku is mainly based on demonstration and practice in team.)

Experienced Instructors

The course is taught by devoted instructors from the Tokyo Sushi Academy who have extensive experiences in Japan and overseas.

*Chef Hirotsugu Tsumoto
An instructor with a track record of over 15 years as a chef in Las Vegas, USA, Chef Tsumoto joined the Tokyo Sushi Academy instructor team in 2016. He is an exceptional chef who also has experience in architectural design (including restaurant design).His motto is that creativity is essential in cooking,as elsewhere.

The certificate

The certificate will be given to students who have
successfully completed the course.

*image, for your reference

Sushi / Washoku Course

4weeks Sushi Course
5days Sashimi Course
5days Japanese Cuisine Course (Grill and Fry)
6weeks Total Course


sushi school

001 Ms. Aeron Choo


002 Ms. Jovita Leenardi


sushi school

003 Mr. Martin Rous

Czech Republic

sushi school

004 Ms. Michelle Lim


sushi school

005 Mr. Victor Caballe Molina



006 Mr. Sky Yong



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