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About TSA Singapore

Tokyo Sushi Academy nurtures leaders in Japanese food culture including sushi, and is also engaged in the popularization, development, and value improvement of Japanese cuisine on the global scene. Since its founding in 2002, we have been providing training in all of Japanese cuisine including sushi, producing more than 4,000 professionals of the field. TSA Singapore was opened in 2013 in response to the increasing demands for Japanese cuisine in Asia. In addition to sushi, the academy features a curriculum that teaches the use of locally produced ingredients in creating Japanese cuisine popular in Asia, which is very practical for an overseas academy. There are extensive classes not just for those aiming to be professionals but also for those who enjoy cooking as a hobby.


Sushi “Omakase” Experience

Participants can fully enjoy eating chef's special sushi made with selected seasonal ingredients.
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For Personal

“Art Maki Sushi” and Japanese Cooking Lesson for everyone who want to enjoy and learn Japanese cuisine.
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Please feel free to contact us about requests such as studio rentals.


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