1st of November is “Sushi Day“

1st of November is “Sushi Day“

“Sushi Day”, 1st of November.
It was originated from Japanese culture, “Kabuki”.

The program title “Senbonzakura” relating sushi.
Kabuki senbonzakura
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kabuki sushiya

There is a sushi chef whose name is “Yasuke” who is the ancestor of sushi chefs.
It was “November 1st” that the person changed his name to Yasuke as a sushi chef.


Sushi association decided to call the day “sushi day” since 1961 November, as a sushi event for Sushi restaurants in Japan.

The name “Yasuke” has been very popular as a sushi restaurant name so far.

One of a sushi restaurant in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture,
has the sushi restaurant name “Sushi Komatsu Yasuke(鮨 小松弥助)”.
Ginza kyubei, a chef of a past generation said, ”Best sushi chef of East of Japan is Jiro, West of Japan is Yasuke” as a best sushi chef in Japan.

The “Sushi Komatsu Yasuke”’s sushi master chef is Mr. Kazuo Morita explained about what the restaurant name “Yasuke” means.

Yasuke sushi menu

“Sushi Komatsu Yasuke” will be closed this November 2015, as his long holiday(we hope he will open again).
Sushi Komatsu Yasuke Japanese blog
Sushi Komatsu Yasuke English blog