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Ikura (Salmon Roe)

“Ikura” is Russian language.  The meaning roe caviar or salmon. “Ikura” means salted salmon roe or trout roe in Japan. The condition is granular as it is removed from the sack before it is salted. “Sujiko”, remains inside the sack when marinated. As for their color, sujiko is normally red or dark red, while ikura […]

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X’mas bento box

Kids bento event National play day in Singapore 2015 X’mas bento TSA Singapore jointed Natinal play day on 19th December. Our program was Kids bento making demonstration. We are introduce some design Bento box for kids. For the Santa Claus Bento Box Step 1: Pull out the 1 ham in the drop type. This is […]


What is popular Japanese cuisine?

SUSHI – it is already popular in the world. Now Japanese food and cuisine has become one of a popular cuisine. At the Milan Food Expo this year, there were big crowds in front of the Japan pavilion every day. Japanese cuisine?  You say, “Sushi!”? Actually sushi is really a specialty in Japan. There are some […]


Japanese sake

Sake is really interesting liquor: Sake is delicious even when it’s cold, and delicious even when it’s warm. Sake temperature is from 5℃-55℃, wider than other liquors. Sake is a good match drink in Japanese cuisine, especially fish and vegetable dishes. <Special-designation sake> You can see these main kinds of sake in the sake shops, […]

Japanese cuisine(5 flavours, 5 colors and 5 preparations)

Generally speaking Japanese cuisine is said to consist of five flavours, five colors and five basic methods of preparation. There are the five flavours of sweet, sour, salty, bitter and hot; the five colors of white, red, yellow, blue (green) and black; same as the Japanese Temple’s flag colour. And the five preparations of raw, […]


Rules of numbers in Japanese Cuisine “Washoku”(Japanese lucky number part 2)

“Shichi-go-san(=7 5 3)” are lucky numbers for Japanese culture. Japanese use numbers in their life as lucky numbers. Also we can use some rules of numbers in Japanese Cuisine and Japanese food life. Japanese Cuisine ”Washoku” culture originated from China and established one of the earliest indigenous Japanese cultures. Japanese Cuisine ”Washoku” culture consists of […]


1st of November is “Sushi Day“

1st of November is “Sushi Day“ “Sushi Day”, 1st of November. It was originated from Japanese culture, “Kabuki”. The program title “Senbonzakura” relating sushi. Kabuki senbonzakura Kabuki senbonsakura2 Kabuki senbonsakura3 There is a sushi chef whose name is “Yasuke” who is the ancestor of sushi chefs. It was “November 1st” that the person changed his […]


TSA Singapore joined Oishii Japan 2015!!

We joined Oishii Japan 2015  from 22nd to 24th October.     Oishii JAPAN is ASEAN’s largest dedicated showcase on Japanese food and beverage, with an array of authentic Japanese ingredients and food, culinary techniques and equipment, plus demos and classes.       TSA Singapore joined with a exhibition booth and introduced Basic Sushi […]