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Autumn of appetite – Japan –

    Autumn is the most beautiful season in Japan. Seasonal plants change color of from the mountains to town. Japanese cuisine is closely related to it‘s season. Many Japanese ingredients such as rice, seaweed, soba are produced in this season.   Japanese plants are often used in the dishes as decoration. For example, MOMIJI is the representative […]

Japanese Bento making class for kids

  Calling all aspiring junior chefs! Learn to make an attractive, cute and yummy bento set with us in this one-hour workshop!           Pick up skills on how to not only make your food taste good, but look good too!         <Japanese bento making class for kids detail> schedule: Humburg […]

Seize Sushi, seize chance!

Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore has partnered e2i to offer more locals the opportunity to sign-up for the popular Basic Sushi Course Class and Basic Japanese Cuisine Course Class. Singaporean can now enjoy e2i subsidy when they sign-up for the course.   ▪︎ Basic Sushi Course, →Go to check  e2i announcement ▪︎ Basic Japanese Cuisine Course →Go to check […]

TSA Singapore school event for Temasek polytechnic students

    TSA Singapore welcomed 23 students from Temasek polytechnic on July 14th-15th. They are majoring Food Science & Nutrition in the school. As one of their  optional classes, they joined our 2days short Sushi class.     Some students are already familiar with Japanese food culture. Tan Yuan Jing (Ien) has interests in Japanese culture […]

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“Futomaki (Thick roll)”  Trial Lesson Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore

“Futomaki (Thick roll)”  Trial Lesson Let’s make traditional thick roll. “Futomaki”. Do you know that different regions in Japan have different preferences for sushi types? Generally, the “roll sushi” is more popular in the Western region (Osaka area) than the Eastern region (Tokyo area). Nigiri sushi is popular in Tokyo area. It is also known as […]