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X’mas bento box

Kids bento event National play day in Singapore 2015
X’mas bento

TSA Singapore jointed Natinal play day on 19th December.

Our program was Kids bento making demonstration.

We are introduce some design Bento box for kids.


For the Santa Claus Bento Box

Step 1: Pull out the 1 ham in the drop type. This is the foundation.

Step 2: Unplug a triangular part of the drop-type by using two cuts. This is the hat.

Step 3: Pull out the cheddar cheese in the drop type. This is the face.

Step 4: Pull out the cheese slices in the round part of the drop type further staggered to create a twice disconnected the beard.

Step 5: Step 1 the ham foundation + Step 3 the Cheddar cheese face + Step 2 the triangular ham hat + Step 4 superimpose the beard.

Step 6: Use a straw to cut the Cheddar cheese to make a nose.

Step 7: Use a smiley face punch to get the eyes and the mouth.

There we have our Santa Claus!

X'mas tree design sushi roll bento

small onigiri bento

Santa Nori bento


1st of November is “Sushi Day“

1st of November is “Sushi Day“

“Sushi Day”, 1st of November.
It was originated from Japanese culture, “Kabuki”.

The program title “Senbonzakura” relating sushi.
Kabuki senbonzakura
Kabuki senbonsakura2
Kabuki senbonsakura3

kabuki sushiya

There is a sushi chef whose name is “Yasuke” who is the ancestor of sushi chefs.
It was “November 1st” that the person changed his name to Yasuke as a sushi chef.


Sushi association decided to call the day “sushi day” since 1961 November, as a sushi event for Sushi restaurants in Japan.

The name “Yasuke” has been very popular as a sushi restaurant name so far.

One of a sushi restaurant in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture,
has the sushi restaurant name “Sushi Komatsu Yasuke(鮨 小松弥助)”.
Ginza kyubei, a chef of a past generation said, ”Best sushi chef of East of Japan is Jiro, West of Japan is Yasuke” as a best sushi chef in Japan.

The “Sushi Komatsu Yasuke”’s sushi master chef is Mr. Kazuo Morita explained about what the restaurant name “Yasuke” means.

Yasuke sushi menu

“Sushi Komatsu Yasuke” will be closed this November 2015, as his long holiday(we hope he will open again).
Sushi Komatsu Yasuke Japanese blog
Sushi Komatsu Yasuke English blog


TSA Singapore joined Oishii Japan 2015!!

oishii japan tokyo sushi

We joined Oishii Japan 2015  from 22nd to 24th October.




Oishii JAPAN is ASEAN’s largest dedicated showcase on Japanese food and beverage,

with an array of authentic Japanese ingredients and food, culinary techniques and equipment, plus demos and classes.


Tokyo Sushi academy oishii japan event

Very crowded! Guests enjoyed free-trial food and exibition

Ramen keisuke oishii japan

One of the most popular booth was “Ramen Keisuke”.


japanese sweets wagashi

Japanese style sweet rice cake

oyster hiroshima

Raw oyster from hiroshima


TSA Singapore joined with a exhibition booth and

introduced Basic Sushi Course, Basic Japanese Cuisine Course and team-building class.


DSC_0314 (1)


Many customers showed interest in our courses and registered them.

As a promotion, free Yanagi knife was given to people who signed-up

both Basic Sushi Course and Basic Japanese Cuisine Course !!

Free trial classes were also quite popular and already fully booked during the event!!


yanagi knife

Yanagi knife used for culling sashimi



Thank you for all the guests came and drop by our booth!!
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Art Roll Sushi Class -Small Panda with leaves design-


Calling all young families to join us in this enjoyable Art Roll Sushi

-Small Panda with leaves design class,

to learn a fun way of making a nourishing and savoury Japanese staple rice treat!

On the 12th Sat September, Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore

offers the special Art Roll Sushi class!!

In the class, you will learn 1 design sushi roll (Kazarimaki sushi) of Panda.

Please join with your family and enjoy it!


*Schedule :      12th Sat September  10:30am to 12:30 pm

*Course fee:     Adult: 80$    Child (under12): 40$

*Pax:                   12

*Contact:           info@sushiacademy.co.jp        or          6444 7828DSCF6991    DSCF6989   DSCF6985 art roll sushi panda art roll sushi panda

Sushi roll panda



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“Futomaki (Thick roll)”  Trial Lesson Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore

“Futomaki (Thick roll)”  Trial Lesson

futomaki trial class
Let’s make traditional thick roll. “Futomaki”.
Do you know that different regions in Japan have different preferences for sushi types?

Generally, the “roll sushi” is more popular in the Western region (Osaka area) than the Eastern region (Tokyo area).

Nigiri sushi is popular in Tokyo area. It is also known as known as Edomae sushi and “Edo” is actually the old name for Tokyo.
In Western Japan, “Norimaki” (sushi rolled with seaweed) is more popular.

One of “norimaki” (sushi rolled with seaweed) is “Futomaki”(Thick roll).
The ingredients are Egg omelette, Kampyo, mushrooms, oboro(fish flake), Kamaboko(fish cake) and vegetable(cucumber or spinach)  etc.
The ingredients harmony is so tasty!!!
Please try it!

The diameter for futomaki sushi is larger and hence it takes a lot skill to roll the sushi while making sure that the filling stay inside. In Japan, especially in the Kansai region, futomaki is eaten during Setsubun (the day before spring) as a ritual.

For this class, there will be demonstration by the instructor and hands-on practice. All ingredients and equipment will be provided. Participants will get to make 3 rolls of sushi and bring home the sushi rolls they made during the class.

This is a trial class, special fee $58.

futomaki trial lesson

Please call us or drop us an email if you are interested to join!

And we also suggest “sushi rice making short class” and “nigiri sushi short class“!

If you need more information, please refer to “Sushi Basic Course“.

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Kid’s Bento class in Summer

Kid’s Bento class in Summer

hamburgbent for girls

hamburg bento for girls

Learn to make an attractive, cute and yummy “Kawaii bento” set with us in this 1 or 2 hours workshop!

Pick up skills on how to not only make your food taste good, but look good too!

Instructor’s demonstration followed by hands-on practice. All equipment and ingredients provided.

bento kids karaage2015June2

bento kids karaage2015June

<Bento making class detail>


Karaage Bento      17th June 2015 (Wednesday) 11am -12pm

Hamburg Bento   24th June 2015 (Wednesday) 10:30am -12:30pm

fee :$60/Child (8-14 years old)

Program :Make Kawaii bento box(how to make Karaage or Hamburg and original rice ball making etc

other :Please bring your own bento box and apron(if you have)

Call us and e-mail us!

Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore

bentoclass participation

bento class




Mother’s Day Rose Art Maki Sushi Event

Mother’s Day Rose Art Maki Sushi Event


  • 29th April (Wednesday) | 10:30am – 12:00pm   
  • 3rd May (Sunday) | 10:30am – 12:00pm   
  • $80/person $50 / kids (7-12 years old)

Instead of a bouquet of roses, why not make rose art sushi as a beautiful gift to thank your mother?
For Mother’s Day, you can learn to make a delicate and pretty rose-design Art Roll Sushi for using sushi rice, fish roe, spinach, egg omelette and nori (seaweed).
There will be a demonstration and hands-on practice. Making 2 rolls.
Participants will get to bring home the sushi roll that they make individually in class.

Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore

rose family rose family1 rose family2

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Kid’s Bento making class

Kid’s Bento making class


Calling all aspiring junior chefs!

Learn to make an attractive, cute and yummy “Kawaii bento” set with us in this one-hour workshop!

Pick up skills on how to not only make your food taste good, but look good too!

Instructor’s demonstration followed by hands-on practice. All equipment and ingredients provided.

bento instructor

Bento making class detail

schedule:14 March 2015 (Saturday) 11am -12pm

fee :$60/Child (8-14 years old)

Program :make kawaii bento box(how to make karaage and original rice ball making etc)

Teacher :Sushi instructor Mrs. Shizuka Coates

other :Please bring your own bento box and apron(if you have)

Call us and e-mail us

Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore

kawaii bento box making

kawaii bento box making


Kampyo (Dried Gourd) – Traditional Japanese sushi roll ingredient

Kampyo (Dried Gourd)

kampyou temaki

Kampyo is made from the dried flesh of the yugao gourd.


Kampyo originated from Kizu, Settsu no kuni, which is now known as Naniwaku in Osaka.

Since the Taisho period, kampyo grown in Kizu has been famous in Osaka. Due to this reason, “kampyo” is still known as “kizu” in sushi restaurants found in the Kansai region.


During the second year of Shotoku (1712) the feudal lord Tadahide Torii was transferred from Shiga prefecture to Tochigi prefecture.

Over there, he encouraged the cultivation of kampyo and from then onwards, Tochigi prefecture has been famous for its production of kampyo until now.

Currently, Tochigi accounts for almost 93% of kampyo production nationwide.

Kampyo picture From Wikipedia 

Kampyo picture From Wikipedia

Kampyo contains high levels of calcium, potassium, phosphorus and iron. It is also rich in fibre and thus acts as a good constipation remedy.

It is also suitable for pregnant women and old people.


While a roll of hosomaki sushi (thin roll sushi) is usually cut into 6 pieces, kampyomaki sushi is cut into 4 pieces.

As the way the sushi pieces are arranged is similar to how the taiko drum sticks are being placed on a taiko drum, the arrangement is also known as “chanchiki”.

You can see how yugao gourd is harvested and processed in this blog.

We use kampyo as an ingredient during our Futomaki sushi lesson too.





摂津国 木津(現在の 大阪市 浪速区 )が干瓢生産の発祥の地である。


山城国(やましろのくに 現在の京都)から木津川を下り摂津の木津(きづ)へ運ばれ、そこで誕生したのが干瓢巻(干瓢巻き)。


その名残で、関西のすし屋では、かんぴょうのことを今でも 「木津(きづ)」 と呼ぶ。


1712年 (正徳二年)に 近江国 水口藩 現在の滋賀県) から 下野国 壬生藩 (現在の栃木県 下都賀郡 壬生町 )に国替えになった 鳥居忠英 (江戸時代中期の大名)が、