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Singaporean subsidy e2i (Employment and Employability Institute)



Our sushi course and Japanese cuisine  targets people who are planning to venture into the sushi business, either to work as sushi chefs or sushi restaurant entrepreneur.
Graduates from our course will gain the confidence and professional knowledge to meet the high industry demands.

▪︎ Basic Sushi Course,

▪︎ Basic Japanese Cuisine Course

To receive this subsidy(s),please make an appointment with us
for an interview to see if you are eligible.

Dwell no further on if you study Sushi or not!



tokyosushiacademy e21

e2i (Employment and Employability Institute)
As the leading organization to create solutions for better employment and employability,
e2i exists to create better jobs and better lives for workers. Since 2008,
they have helped more than 300,000 workers through providing better jobs,
developing better skills through professional development, and improving productivity for companies.


For more information,

please call 6444 7828
email supportsg@sushiacademy.co.jp


1st of November is “Sushi Day“

1st of November is “Sushi Day“

“Sushi Day”, 1st of November.
It was originated from Japanese culture, “Kabuki”.

The program title “Senbonzakura” relating sushi.
Kabuki senbonzakura
Kabuki senbonsakura2
Kabuki senbonsakura3

kabuki sushiya

There is a sushi chef whose name is “Yasuke” who is the ancestor of sushi chefs.
It was “November 1st” that the person changed his name to Yasuke as a sushi chef.


Sushi association decided to call the day “sushi day” since 1961 November, as a sushi event for Sushi restaurants in Japan.

The name “Yasuke” has been very popular as a sushi restaurant name so far.

One of a sushi restaurant in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture,
has the sushi restaurant name “Sushi Komatsu Yasuke(鮨 小松弥助)”.
Ginza kyubei, a chef of a past generation said, ”Best sushi chef of East of Japan is Jiro, West of Japan is Yasuke” as a best sushi chef in Japan.

The “Sushi Komatsu Yasuke”’s sushi master chef is Mr. Kazuo Morita explained about what the restaurant name “Yasuke” means.

Yasuke sushi menu

“Sushi Komatsu Yasuke” will be closed this November 2015, as his long holiday(we hope he will open again).
Sushi Komatsu Yasuke Japanese blog
Sushi Komatsu Yasuke English blog

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Best team building activity for you!


Best team building activity!

Art maki sushi is now popular in the world.

You can enjoy creating and eating these unique sushi.

Once you’ve mastered the art maki sushi skill,

you CAN at any time entertain family and friends!


Arrangeable, Adorable & Modern Design

All design are created by “flower petal” parts.

Once you learn how to make flower petals, you can arrange them for

various cute & gorgeous designs!!

This class is usually S$80/person.

SNG$50/person is the limited offer price for people(minimum 10px)

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Please sign-up the contact page for Team Building.
IMG_9874 IMG_9229 IMG_9115

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Art Roll Sushi Class -Small Panda with leaves design-


Calling all young families to join us in this enjoyable Art Roll Sushi

-Small Panda with leaves design class,

to learn a fun way of making a nourishing and savoury Japanese staple rice treat!

On the 12th Sat September, Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore

offers the special Art Roll Sushi class!!

In the class, you will learn 1 design sushi roll (Kazarimaki sushi) of Panda.

Please join with your family and enjoy it!


*Schedule :      12th Sat September  10:30am to 12:30 pm

*Course fee:     Adult: 80$    Child (under12): 40$

*Pax:                   12

*Contact:           info@sushiacademy.co.jp        or          6444 7828DSCF6991    DSCF6989   DSCF6985 art roll sushi panda art roll sushi panda

Sushi roll panda



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“Futomaki (Thick roll)”  Trial Lesson Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore

“Futomaki (Thick roll)”  Trial Lesson

futomaki trial class
Let’s make traditional thick roll. “Futomaki”.
Do you know that different regions in Japan have different preferences for sushi types?

Generally, the “roll sushi” is more popular in the Western region (Osaka area) than the Eastern region (Tokyo area).

Nigiri sushi is popular in Tokyo area. It is also known as known as Edomae sushi and “Edo” is actually the old name for Tokyo.
In Western Japan, “Norimaki” (sushi rolled with seaweed) is more popular.

One of “norimaki” (sushi rolled with seaweed) is “Futomaki”(Thick roll).
The ingredients are Egg omelette, Kampyo, mushrooms, oboro(fish flake), Kamaboko(fish cake) and vegetable(cucumber or spinach)  etc.
The ingredients harmony is so tasty!!!
Please try it!

The diameter for futomaki sushi is larger and hence it takes a lot skill to roll the sushi while making sure that the filling stay inside. In Japan, especially in the Kansai region, futomaki is eaten during Setsubun (the day before spring) as a ritual.

For this class, there will be demonstration by the instructor and hands-on practice. All ingredients and equipment will be provided. Participants will get to make 3 rolls of sushi and bring home the sushi rolls they made during the class.

This is a trial class, special fee $58.

futomaki trial lesson

Please call us or drop us an email if you are interested to join!

And we also suggest “sushi rice making short class” and “nigiri sushi short class“!

If you need more information, please refer to “Sushi Basic Course“.




A crash course in sushi for those who want to experience the basics of sushi-making.

If you want to dive into the world of sushi and experience what it’s like to be a sushi chef for a day, this fast-paced one-day crash course is for you.

In one day, students will be introduced several essential types of sushi and will practice key sushi-making techniques used by sushi chefs.

After this experience, you will appreciate the process of making and presenting the sushi, and can practice making delicious sushi.



Sushi rice making(about rice for sushi, how to cook rice, how to make sushi rice, sushi equipment)
Roll sushi
Nigiri(slicing fish, how to make Nigiri sushi)
Chirashi, Kaisen-don, Bar sushi, Box sushi


Tadao Fujisaki


Tadao Fujisaki is a third-generation member of a family-run sushi business in Japan.
Engaged in the management of several sushi and F&B companies, he wants to keep sushi traditions for the next generation so as to be able to connect and share sushi with international students.

<Instructor Fujisaki’s comment>

Calling All Busy food entrepreneurs!
Get as much basic sushi knowledge and some business ideas while you can in one day with us.
Come join us!




1 day course (Saturday) 10 am – 6pm


25th Jul 2015

Limited places available.
Maximum class size of 20 persons.
Participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore 
+65 6444 7828

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Art Roll Sushi

Art Roll Sushi

3rd grade peach

Sushi culture is expanding its reach in the world. Roll sushi and nigiri sushi are especially in demand now.
Art Maki, a new type of sushi, will be a popular type of sushi in the near future.

The popularity of Art Maki sushi has gone as far as Manila too!

art maki roll3

One of our students is Ms Jannet, age 40.
Jannet lives in Manila and is doing a catering business with her husband who is a chef.
She is also a mother of 3 children.
She has attended our Art Maki 3rd grade class and she will try to take 2nd grade and 1st grade Art Maki classes in future, so that she can qualify as an Art Maki Instructor and organise ART MAKI workshops in Manila.

Art Maki 3rd grade class1


Attend our Art Maki sushi classes in Singapore and catch the new sushi trend!


Monkey roll (Fruit sushi roll)

Monkey roll (Fruit sushi roll)

Monkey roll is fruit sushi roll  from Brazil.
“Monkey roll” is a fun and delicious fruit-based sushi roll made with sweet banana in the centre, roasted seaweed and garnished with thin slices of ripe mango and red berry jam.
Each piece of this fruit sushi is a like a slice of sunshine, perfectly displaying the golden yellow fruits inside and outside.
monkey rollmonkey roll murakami

Avocado Salmon sushi roll and Philadelphia sushi roll

Avocado Salmon sushi roll and Philadelphia sushi roll

Modern Japanese-American style healthy sushi rolls such as Avocado Salmon sushi roll and Philadelphia Sushi roll, are becoming very popular outside of the United States and in Singapore, and can also be made easily at home with a few ingredients and a basic set of inexpensive sushi-making


Avocado Salmon sushi rolls, where fresh avocado slices are wrapped over the top of a sushi roll filled with raw salmon and cucumber, were invented by a Japanese chef living in Los Angeles around 40 years ago.

Avocado was used for its melt- in-the-mouth texture, which resembles that of tuna (toro).


Philadelphia Sushi roll, also known as ‘inside-out’ roll, has nori (seaweed) wrapped around the fillings and rice facing outwards.

It was an innovation by a Japanese chef living in Little Tokyo in America, as American customers were not used to seeing nori wrapped around food but enjoyed the taste.

It uses cream cheese (Philadelphia cream cheese) as well as fresh salmon and the rice is coated generously with sesame seeds outside.

Roll sushi class

Learn proper sushi-making techniques from professional Japanese chef-instructors.

All ingredients and equipment provided.

You will take home both types of sushi rolls.

Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore Cooking class
Avocado Salmon sushi roll and Philadelphia sushi roll with Miso Soup
Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate