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Singaporean subsidy e2i (Employment and Employability Institute)



Our sushi course and Japanese cuisine  targets people who are planning to venture into the sushi business, either to work as sushi chefs or sushi restaurant entrepreneur.
Graduates from our course will gain the confidence and professional knowledge to meet the high industry demands.

▪︎ Basic Sushi Course,

▪︎ Basic Japanese Cuisine Course

To receive this subsidy(s),please make an appointment with us
for an interview to see if you are eligible.

Dwell no further on if you study Sushi or not!



tokyosushiacademy e21

e2i (Employment and Employability Institute)
As the leading organization to create solutions for better employment and employability,
e2i exists to create better jobs and better lives for workers. Since 2008,
they have helped more than 300,000 workers through providing better jobs,
developing better skills through professional development, and improving productivity for companies.


For more information,

please call 6444 7828
email supportsg@sushiacademy.co.jp

Chinese New Year Cerebration


How to access to Tokyo Sushi Academy Tsukiji branch

Our Tokyo Sushi Academy opened Tsukiji branch at Tsukiji in Tokyo in October 2015.
We have the Authentic Sushi Course for foreigner professional chef 8 weeks at this Tsukiji branch.
I would like to introduce to you about the Tsukiji classroom location in this time.
The closest station is Higashi- Ginza of Metro Hibiya line, not Tsukiji station.

metro Higashi-Ginza station exit map


Go up to exit 6


ticket gate


After you pass through the ticket gate, please go up the No.6 stairs on the right side.



Then you can see a traffic light in front of the stairs direction.


You can see Japanese traditional theater “Kabukiza” in your back side.
The Kabuki trial ticket price in this theater is about JPY1,000.  Please try.



You must walk in the opposite direction of “Kabukiza” to go to Tokyo Sushi Academy Tsukiji branch.

Go through the traffic and walk on the bridge.

And just go straight and through book shop, post office and tableware shop “Urikiri-ya”.
You can see many kinds of beautifully designed Japanese dishes and tableware at Urikiri-ya.
Many of them are very reasonable.



Go straight about 3-5 min.
When you walk further to a large intersection, you can see a building “Kyoei building” in the corner of right side.
There are many shops: tea shop, grocery shops, cafes and small fish markets.
Our TSA Tsukiji branch is on the 2nd level in this building.
tsukiji kousaten
tsukiji kyoe-kai
maruyamanori tea shop

Shall we go up?


This is Tokyo Sushi Academy Tsukiji classroom.
There are 24 seats in this classroom and many kinds of good facilities.
Especially, we have a new worldwide broadcast system, between Tsukiji and Singapore.
This allows Tokyo Sushi Academy communication with other branches and collecting F&B information in the world.

TSA tsukiji1 TSA tsukiji2 TSA tsukiji3

If you want to see this classroom, we can arrange school tour.
Please e-mail us freely and expand the information to your friends and family.

Tokyo Sushi Academy Tsukiji branch

Authentic sushi course in Tokyo Tsukiji 8 weeks
For professional chef course.
After basic course, your next step to get higher skill and knowledge.


Basic Sushi course in Singapore 2 weeks
For the chef and the person no experience to cook

Basic Japanese Cuisine course in Singapore 2 weeks
For the chef and the person no experience to cook

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Best team building activity for you!


Best team building activity!

Art maki sushi is now popular in the world.

You can enjoy creating and eating these unique sushi.

Once you’ve mastered the art maki sushi skill,

you CAN at any time entertain family and friends!


Arrangeable, Adorable & Modern Design

All design are created by “flower petal” parts.

Once you learn how to make flower petals, you can arrange them for

various cute & gorgeous designs!!

This class is usually S$80/person.

SNG$50/person is the limited offer price for people(minimum 10px)

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Please sign-up the contact page for Team Building.
IMG_9874 IMG_9229 IMG_9115