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Singaporean subsidy e2i (Employment and Employability Institute)



Our sushi course and Japanese cuisine  targets people who are planning to venture into the sushi business, either to work as sushi chefs or sushi restaurant entrepreneur.
Graduates from our course will gain the confidence and professional knowledge to meet the high industry demands.

▪︎ Basic Sushi Course,

▪︎ Basic Japanese Cuisine Course

To receive this subsidy(s),please make an appointment with us
for an interview to see if you are eligible.

Dwell no further on if you study Sushi or not!



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e2i (Employment and Employability Institute)
As the leading organization to create solutions for better employment and employability,
e2i exists to create better jobs and better lives for workers. Since 2008,
they have helped more than 300,000 workers through providing better jobs,
developing better skills through professional development, and improving productivity for companies.


For more information,

please call 6444 7828
email supportsg@sushiacademy.co.jp

Student interview / Basic Sushi Course / Ms.Jovita Leenardi / Indonesia

jovita students

jovita students


We interviewed our Basic Sushi Course graduate.


See Interview in movie

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Jovita, I’m from Batam island, Indonesia.

I have a fusion Japanese restaurant in Batam.


Please introduce your restaurant.

The name is “Bent0-tei”. We serve Bento box, Sushi, Udon etc.

I have been running the restaurant for one and a half years.


Why do you have interest in Sushi?

I have a gourmet hobby, and my children’s favorite is Japanese food.

That’s why I tried to cook Japanese food.

But they wanted more to open Japanese restaurant in Batam.

And I took 1 Day Nigiri Sushi class before about 2 years ago. I just started from there.


What is your previous occupation?

I have schools in batam. It’s normal school, from kindergarten to high school.


Why did you change your career?

Actually I didn’t change my career. I am a principle of the school.

I still have my School and I run one restaurant.

Since it is stable,  I just go to the school once a week.

So, I have actually quite a lot of time to do other things.


Are there Sushi restaurants in Batam?

There are some , and they are traditional style Sushi restaurant.

I think fusion style Sushi restaurant is only mine.

There are some Japanese restaurant too, but most of them are franchise from Jakarta.


Do you think it is hard for Sushi restaurants to survive?

We provide good food, good quality, and then good service,

and then good marketing actually the restaurant can survive.


Do people in Batam like to eat raw fish? 

Some people do,but some are not too keen in.

But I think if, we, let us educate the people, sooner or later, I think they will like it.


Was the class difficult for you?

At the beginning some times difficulty in controlling the amount of rice and fillings.

But once I by practise, I could. And rolling I’m not used to it, you see.

Even I have restaurant, it’s actually like this – I never roll in the restaurant because of Chef.

But we have to know at least how to choose raw material, and how the process of the food is.


Any advise to Japanese restaurant owners?

As the owner of restaurant, we have Chef and we have to trust our Chef.

But on the other side, we still need to know how to make it.

Chef leaves, or something like that, then you have new Chefs you have to train, at least you can do something.

By studying it, you know how to choose the good raw material.

Like cutting the fish. If you don’t cut it properly, you just waste it.

It really affects the cost.





Graduate interview : Mr. Martin Rous (Czech Republic)

tokyo sushi academy singapore

photo of martin tokyo sushi academy singapore


Please introduce yourself?

My name is Martin Rous and I am a 27 year guy from Czech Republic.

I have a degree from economy and work for a medical company as an Assistant Sales Manager.


Please tell us about your business?

I am running a company “Sushimarket” which  is a project of mine and my girlfriend,

and we would like to teach people in Czech Republic how to make sushi at home properly.

We organize sushi courses, as well we prepare and deliver authentic sushi sets and offer Japanese items.

In the future we would like to cater small sushi events.

We want to make every sushi set very special by using the authentic Japanese way

and we would carry out all the special requests.

Mostly we do a sushi sets for events.

We have just started our business,so we do have many things to figure out.

As in any beginning of a business we are very busy.


obrazek sushimarket tokyo sushi academy singapore

Why did you want to learn Sushi?
When I worked in Canada, there were a lot of Japanese restaurants and I fell in love with sushi.

So I decided to try make my first maki and nigiri, and found out that I needed to learn it properly.


What is the image of Sushi in your country?
It really depends. Some people have tried not very authentic sushi and they were disappointed.

On the other hand we have several good sushi restaurants and a lot of people know what good sushi is.


tokyo sushi academy singapore


 Why did you chose Tokyo sushi academy Singapore

among many schools in the world?

I did not have a time to go to Authentic Sushi Course in Tokyo,

for a two months course, so decided to go to Singapore to take Basic Sushi course.

I had read plenty of good recommendations.

Last but not least, I was very excited to go to Singapore.


What was the hardest part and most interesting part throughout our class?

Definitely the exam of making nigiri. Time pressure was pretty rough.

The most interesting was making Ika (squid) nigiri.

Also watching Mr. Fujisaki Tadao while he was preparing sushi was awesome.


tokyo sushi academy singapore

 Do you recommend our school to your friends or family?

I would like to highly recommend your school to anybody

who wants to make sushi in an authentic Japanese way or set up a sushi business.


Thank you so much Martin, we all wish your success!!

Check Martin’s shop as well!




TSA Singapore Student interview- Ms. Michelle Lim

Interview with Michelle Lim,
who attended Basic Sushi Course

sushi basic course student

Name: Michelle Lim

Occupation: Student

Country: Singapore

1. Why did you choose Tokyo Sushi Academy?

The lesson looked very structured and organised, and the teachers are friendly and knowledgeable.
I attended a trial class before joining the main 2-week long programs. (Basic Sushi Course and Basic Japanese Cuisine Course)
The trial class impressed me – I would learn so much in just a day, and motivated me to take my fledgling cooking skills to greater heights.
The environment is also the best I have seen.

2. How do you feel about your experience as a student so far?

It’s been an absolutely wonderful experience.
I have never really done hands-on cooking before and the intensive class is certainly a great introduction.
The pace is just right and the camaraderie is present in all classes.

3. What is your purpose of learning sushi?

I’d like to learn to cook for myself when I go overseas to study Japanese cuisine,especially as sushi is hard to come by and expensive in London, so I’d love to be able to make my own – for myself as well as for my friends.
Cooking together is a wonderful bonding activity!

4. After the course if over, what are your plans?

I’m heading overseas to study and I hope to practise my newly learnt skills there!
I have some experience in the F&B industry but I’m not sure if I’m keen on taking it up as a career.
Regardless, this lesson has certainly opened my eyes to a whole new world of culinary delights.

Thank you for your help!

See you next Basic Japanese Cuisine Course in August.

sushi basic student-2sushi basic lecturesushi basic cutting sea breamcounter work performance

TSA Singapore Student interview- Mr. Victor Caballe Molina

Interview with Victor Caballe Molina,
who attended both Basic Sushi Course and Basic Japanese Cuisine course


Name: Victor Caballe Molina
Country: Barcelona, Spain
Occupation: Head Chef

Question: Why did you choose Tokyo Sushi Academy (TSA)?

I choose to study at Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore because I read the website and it was everything that I was looking forward to learn.


Question: How do you feel about your experience as a student so far?

I feel that after the course I improve a lot and feel more confident with Japanese cuisine.

Basic Japanese Cuisine course

Question: What is your purpose of learning sushi?

I want to live in Japan one day so I believe I have to learn as much as I can before I go and thanks to it.
I can design Japanese menus in my current job as a head chef here in Singapore.

sushi counter practice

Question: After the course is over, what are your plans?

I guess that I’ll keep learning more and more about Japanese cuisine.


Another TSA Singapore students testimonials

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Art Roll Sushi

Art Roll Sushi

3rd grade peach

Sushi culture is expanding its reach in the world. Roll sushi and nigiri sushi are especially in demand now.
Art Maki, a new type of sushi, will be a popular type of sushi in the near future.

The popularity of Art Maki sushi has gone as far as Manila too!

art maki roll3

One of our students is Ms Jannet, age 40.
Jannet lives in Manila and is doing a catering business with her husband who is a chef.
She is also a mother of 3 children.
She has attended our Art Maki 3rd grade class and she will try to take 2nd grade and 1st grade Art Maki classes in future, so that she can qualify as an Art Maki Instructor and organise ART MAKI workshops in Manila.

Art Maki 3rd grade class1


Attend our Art Maki sushi classes in Singapore and catch the new sushi trend!


TSA Singapore Student interview- Mr. Sky Yong

Interview with Sky Yong,
who attended both Basic Sushi Course and Basic Japanese Cuisine course

page sky sushi counter
Name: Sky Yong
Country: Malaysia
Profession: Western cuisine chef in Singapore


Question: Why did you choose Tokyo Sushi Academy (TSA)?

At first I chose Tokyo Sushi Academy because I wanted to learn in greater detail about
Japanese sushi and cuisine.
I graduated as a western cuisine student and have worked in different areas with different
Learning Japanese cuisine is to perfect my skills in the culinary field.
For personal reasons,I actually love Japanese cuisine more than any other cuisine
so I plan to pursue my dream to learn Japanese cuisine.

sky yong sashimi platter (1)

Question: How was your experience here?

My experience for the period with this academy is perfect!
I had a feeling and sense of belonging.
I was impressed by the seriousness of the lecturers who were trying to impart
more and more knowledge for the students, while yet conducting the class in a fun
and learner-centered way so as to interact with all the students and ensure
that everybody absorbed what they are trying to deliver.
It was really a fantastic experience with the team.

sky yong

Another students testimonials



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