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Singaporean subsidy e2i (Employment and Employability Institute)



Our sushi course and Japanese cuisine  targets people who are planning to venture into the sushi business, either to work as sushi chefs or sushi restaurant entrepreneur.
Graduates from our course will gain the confidence and professional knowledge to meet the high industry demands.

▪︎ Basic Sushi Course,

▪︎ Basic Japanese Cuisine Course

To receive this subsidy(s),please make an appointment with us
for an interview to see if you are eligible.

Dwell no further on if you study Sushi or not!



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e2i (Employment and Employability Institute)
As the leading organization to create solutions for better employment and employability,
e2i exists to create better jobs and better lives for workers. Since 2008,
they have helped more than 300,000 workers through providing better jobs,
developing better skills through professional development, and improving productivity for companies.


For more information,

please call 6444 7828
email supportsg@sushiacademy.co.jp

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Art Roll Sushi

Art Roll Sushi

3rd grade peach

Sushi culture is expanding its reach in the world. Roll sushi and nigiri sushi are especially in demand now.
Art Maki, a new type of sushi, will be a popular type of sushi in the near future.

The popularity of Art Maki sushi has gone as far as Manila too!

art maki roll3

One of our students is Ms Jannet, age 40.
Jannet lives in Manila and is doing a catering business with her husband who is a chef.
She is also a mother of 3 children.
She has attended our Art Maki 3rd grade class and she will try to take 2nd grade and 1st grade Art Maki classes in future, so that she can qualify as an Art Maki Instructor and organise ART MAKI workshops in Manila.

Art Maki 3rd grade class1


Attend our Art Maki sushi classes in Singapore and catch the new sushi trend!

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Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore other activities

Although our headquarters in Tokyo specialize in training people to be professional sushi chefs, here in Singapore, we also welcome non-professionals to join our classes.

Our aim is to spread the art of Japanese cuisine to people outside Japan.


We hope that through our experienced native instructors, non-Japanese will have the most authentic learning experience and know more about Japanese cuisine, especially sushi.


We also hold team-building events whereby participants not only learn to make sushi but also build relationships with their co-workers in the process.

Corporate Sessions

Although many Singaporeans eat sushi frequently, many do not know that there are actually many kinds of sushi.

Different regions in Japan have their own unique types of sushi.

For example, the signature sushi in Osaka (Kansai region) is the hakozushi (box sushi) Even for Chirashi sushi, the way it is served is different in Kanto and Kansai.


We hope to introduce these different sushi types to Singaporeans in the future.

We are also running a Kazarimaki (art maki sushi) course in our academy.

Students who pass the first level class will get a certificate from the Japanese Sushi Instructor Association and be certified to be an instructor.

Our cooking classes are targeted to housewives and busy working individuals.

Some Singaporeans have the impression that it is very hard to recreate Japanese dishes at home because there are many steps involved in Japanese recipes and certain ingredients cannot be easily bought in local supermarkets.

In our teaching classes, we would like to teach students to cook Japanese dishes using everyday ingredients which they can find in supermarkets easily and which could be completed without much fuss or time.


We even have people who send their maids to our cooking classes so that they could eat Japanese dishes at home easily!

Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore short classes

Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore cooking classes

Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore private lesson

Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore students

How has the response for classes been so far?

Japanese cuisine

For our 10-day basic sushi course, we have many enquiries coming from people from all walks of life.

Among our students, some have the intention to set up their own Japanese restaurants after graduation for a career change or post-retirement plans.

As the shortest duration for our Authentic Sushi Course in Tokyo is 2 months, some of our students decided to try out our lessons in the Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore first before making the commitment to go to Tokyo.

We had a student who went on to our Tokyo to finish the 2-month Authentic Sushi Course after she completed the basic sushi course in Singapore.

She joined the class from the third week of the curriculum and even graduated as the top student in the Authentic Sushi Course.

Others hope to pick up a skill and use the skills they learned to develop a long-term career in the F&B industry.

We also have enquiries from F&B restaurants who are interested in sending their staff to our academy for training or hope to hire our graduates.

Our students are not limited to Singaporeans, but also other countries such as

Australia, South Africa,USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, France, Che public, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Korea, Italy, Thailand, Norway, UK etc.

Although our basic sushi and cuisine course is a professional course, we welcome learners with all ranges of experience, from the novices to those who are already working as chefs.

No matter what their background is, the response has been very positive.

Even experienced chefs had given us feedback that they have really learned a lot about sushi-making and Japanese cuisine which they did not know before.

As for our short classes, most of our participants are culinary hobbyists or people who are interested in Japanese culture.

We also have some Japanese customers who are residing in Singapore now.

We also hold trial classes for people who want to know more about our academy before enrolling in our 10-day courses.


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