Chirashi sushi

Chirashi sushi (festive sushi)

Chirashi Sushi

The three most common types of sushi made in Japanese households are chirashi sushi (chirashizushi), inari sushi and temaki sushi.

As the number Japanese women who continue to work after marriage increases in recent years, sushi is made less frequently at home now. However, as instant chirashi sushi mixes are available in the market now, chirashi sushi can still be made easily at home. Chirashi sushi means “scattered rice”, as the ingredients are scattered all over the sushi rice.

In Japan, chirashi sushi is eaten on Hinamatsuri Day. Hinamatsuri, also known as Doll’s Day or Girl’s Day, is celebrated on 3 March every year.

The ingredients used in chirashi sushi varies in different regions in Japan. It is a meal that is eaten and shared together in groups. As sushi is associated with fortune and happiness, the act of eating chirashi sushi together symbolises the sharing of joy and good luck with others.

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