Setsubun in Japan

“Setsubun” is the Japanese seasonal event on 3rd of February.

It means the day before the first day of Spring.

People throw soy beans to drive away evil and bring in good luck saying with “Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!”(meaning is “Devils Out! Fortune In!”)

The same number of beans as their age is eaten to wish for good health.

Then people eat lucky roll sushi “Eho-maki” to face the lucky direction of the year.

2016’s direction is “South – South – East”.

You shouldn’t speak until you are finished with eating your sushi.

Because it’s said that lucky will be gone if you speak.

Recently Eho-maki booming expanded across Japan.

Because seven-eleven chain convenience store started to sell the “eho-maki” from 1998.

There is different trend in each convenience store.

Many types of Eho-maki

2016’s trend of “Eho-maki” is hybrid type Eho-maki.

I introduce “Eho-maki” 2016, “Hybrid eho-maki”.

“Hybrid eho-maki” contains separate ingredients to sushi on the left and right.

So you can enjoy to eat 2 flavors in one roll.

For example,

Hybrid Yonezawa beef steak and sukiyaki eho-maki(Daimaru department Tokyo)

Which one is your favorite?