“Futomaki (Thick roll)” Short class in October.

“Futomaki (Thick roll)”  short class in October.
Let’s make traditional thick roll “Futomaki”.
Do you know about roll sushi origin in Japan?

Generally in Japan “roll sushi” is more popular around West area (Osaka area) than around East area (Tokyo area).
Because roll sushi origin is from West area (Osaka area) in Japan.
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After 17th century, Edo- period in Japan, the sushi was boomed in Edo (around Tokyo area).
Seaweed “Nori” was also expanded to food culture.
Sushi style was different style between west area and east area.
Edomae (nigiri sushi) was Edo style, Norimaki was Kansai style.
sushi morisadamanko
sushi ukiyoe

<”Futomaki (Thick roll)” Short class>
We make 3 thick roll. You can master how to make thick roll completely. Please bring your own container (kind of Tupperware).
11th October 13:30-15:30 15th October 18:00-20:00
$100 →  $58
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