003 Mr. Martin Rous (Czech Republic)

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Please introduce yourself?

My name is Martin Rous and I am a 27-year guy from Czech Republic.

I have a degree from economy and work for a medical company as an Assistant Sales Manager.

Please tell us about your business?

I am running a company “Sushimarket” which  is a project of mine and my girlfriend,

and we would like to teach people in Czech Republic how to make sushi at home properly.

We organize sushi courses, as well we prepare and deliver authentic sushi sets and offer Japanese items.

In the future, we would like to cater small sushi events.

We want to make every sushi set very special by using the authentic Japanese way

and we would carry out all the special requests.

Mostly we do a sushi sets for events.

We have just started our business, so we do have many things to figure out.

As in any beginning of a business, we are very busy.

Why did you want to learn Sushi?

When I worked in Canada, there were a lot of Japanese restaurants and I fell in love with sushi.

So I decided to try to make my first maki and nigiri and found out that I needed to learn it properly.

What is the image of Sushi in your country?

It really depends. some people have tried not very authentic sushi and they were disappointed.

On the other hand, we have several good sushi restaurants and a lot of people know what good sushi is.

Why did you choose Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore among many schools in the world?

I did not have time to go to Authentic Sushi Course in Tokyo,

for a two months course, so decided to go to Singapore to take Basic Sushi course.

I had read plenty of good recommendations.

Last but not least, I was very excited to go to Singapore.

What was the hardest part and most interesting part throughout our class?

Definitely the exam of making nigiri. Time pressure was pretty rough.

The most interesting was making Ika (squid) nigiri.

Also watching Mr. Fujisaki Tadao while he was preparing sushi was awesome.

Do you recommend our school to your friends or family?

I would like to highly recommend your school to anybody

who wants to make sushi in an authentic Japanese way or set up a sushi business.

Check Martin’s shop as well!