Hinamatsuri Girl’s festival in Japan


nanadankazari ohinasama

3 March is Hinamatsuri (Girls’ Day or Doll’s Day) Festival in Japan.

This is a very special festival for girls. It is a day to pray for young girls’ health and growth.

According to the old calendar, this is also the blooming season for peach flowers.

Families decorate their homes with peach flowers and ornamental dolls that are passed down from generation to generation.

Hina Arare are small, pink, green or yellow sweetened rice crackers.

Hina Arare is placed beside the ornamental dolls (hina ningyo).

During Hinamatsuri, Japanese eat sushi together with sweet white sake to celebrate the occasion. (Although it is customary to wear

a kimono as people do during New Year, the practice is not that common now.)

With chirashi sushi as the main dish, tai and soup made with seasonal ingredients, also known as “osuimono” are traditionally served.

During the Hinamatsuri season, clams are in season, so clam soup is normally served.

The preparation methods of chirashi sushi differ according to region and is known as “kyoudo sushi” or “local sushi”.

In Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore, we offer a class on chirashi sushi, classic homemade sushi which is eaten during Japanese festivals and not commonly found on Japanese restaurant menu.

We hope that you have learned something new about Hinamatsuri and its relation to sushi.

The image that comes with this article is an Art Maki Sushi (kazarimakisushi) of the Hinamatsuri doll pattern.

kazarimaki ohinasama



日本では、3月3日に”ひなまつり” という行事が行われます。



”雛あられ”と言ってピンクや薄緑 黄色など色とりどりの砂糖をからめた、ほんのり甘いおせんべいのお菓子も雛人形と一緒に添えられます。


メインのちらし寿司と一緒に、鯛の料理 や 季節のお吸い物(この時期は、日本だと蛤)などを楽しむのが伝統的なメニューです。

お母さんが作るちらし寿司 郷土寿司と言って、地域によっても作り方は様々。具も家庭によって違うようです。

東京すしアカデミー シンガポール校では、”寿司飯の作り方と 家庭で作るお祝いのためのちらし寿司を作る講座” を用意しております。



写真は、ひなまつりの人形をイメージした Art Maki Sushi ( Kazarimakisushi)です。