How to prepare and store Wasabi

Wasabia Japonica

Soil-grown wasabi (Farm-grown wasabi)/ Soil-grown wasabi (Farm-grown wasabi)

wasabi from kanekuHP

How to grate and store wasabi:
Gently grate wasabi in a circular manner by using a fine-toothed grater like shark skin.
Put it in the container and wrap it for 3-5 minutes to prevent wasabi from drying out.
Grating method to create the most flavourful and sharp taste:
When grated, enzyme action when wasabi is exposed to the air generates spiciness.
The finer the grating, the spicier the wasabi.
Add lemon juice to facilitate the oxidation of Vitamin C to draw the spiciness of the wasabi out.


Powdered Wasabi

Western Wasabi    (Many sushi shops and restaurants use this.)

horse radish from kanekuHP

How to dissolve and store wasabi:

Dissolve powdered wasabi in water at a ratio of 1 part wasabi: 2 parts water.
After mixing, wrap wasabi up to minimise exposure to air. Water should be used at room temperature.
Dissolved wasabi must be used within a day or sealed and stored in the refrigerator for use the following day.
Add lemon juice to facilitate oxidation of Vitamin C and bring the spiciness out.



Use more wasabi for fish with a higher fat content.  About Salmon, Hamachi, Toro etc