Ikura (Salmon Roe)

“Ikura” is Russian language.  The meaning roe caviar or salmon.

“Ikura” means salted salmon roe or trout roe in Japan.

The condition is granular as it is removed from the sack before it is salted.

“Sujiko”, remains inside the sack when marinated.


As for their color, sujiko is normally red or dark red, while ikura is usually a lighter shade of red with a tint of orange.

The difference in color gives us different impressions.

During the Russo-Japanese War(1904-05), Russian people started to eat Salmon roe instead of Caviar.

Before World War Ⅱ (-1941), it was sold as “caviar” in the Japanese market.

Ikura is a very popular sushi ingredient like Salmon and Tuna.

A special new year’s food, “Osechi”, as well as any other side dish.