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How to cook rice, Japanese Rice and Side dishes for breakfast

How to cook rice, Japanese Rice and Side dishes for breakfast

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Japanese rice is a short-grain rice variety, native to Japan but now available worldwide.

The preparation of Japanese rice is different from other types of rice.

The correct method of preparation is essential to create that fluffy, white, shiny, slightly sticky texture that is characteristic of well-
prepared Japanese rice.

It is delicious by itself and is very important in Japanese cuisine, and is the main staple of the diet.

Some common side dishes served with rice in a traditional Japanese-styled breakfast are grilled fish, natto, mentaiko (marinaded fish roe), tsukemono (pickled vegetables) and Tonjiru (pork soup).

You will learn how to cook Japanese rice and Tonjiru, and how to present them with the other side dish ingredients which can be bought at Japanese supermarkets.

*Please note that Japanese rice is more basic than sushi rice (taught in ‘Cooking Sushi Rice’ class) which has sushi vinegar added after cooking.

It is also not the same as glutinous rice.

how to cook rice and Japanese breakfasthow to cook rice

Japanese Rice and Side dishes class

Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate