Japanese sake

sake oishii japan sushi

sake oishii japan sushiSake is really interesting liquor: Sake is delicious even when it’s cold, and delicious even when it’s warm.
Sake temperature is from 5℃-55℃, wider than other liquors.
Sake is a good match drink in Japanese cuisine, especially fish and vegetable dishes.

<Special-designation sake>

You can see these main kinds of sake in the sake shops, bars and restaurants.

純米大吟醸酒 (Junmai Daiginjoshu)
Pure rice, Very Special brew(Ingredients: Rice, Kōji rice)

大吟醸酒 (Daiginjoshu)
Very Special brew (Ingredients: Rice, Kōji rice, Distilled alcohol)

純米吟醸酒 (Junmai Ginjoshu)
Pure rice, Special brew (Ingredients: Rice, Kōji rice)

吟醸酒 (Ginjoshu)
Special brew (Ingredients: Rice, Kōji rice, Distilled alcohol)

特別純米酒 (Tokubetsu Junmaishu)
Special Pure rice (Ingredients: Rice, Kōji rice)

特別本醸造酒 (Tokubetsu Honjouzoushu)
Special Genuine brew (Ingredients: Rice, Kōji rice, Distilled alcohol)

純米酒 (Junmaishu)
Pure rice (Ingredients: Rice, Kōji rice)

本醸造酒 (Honjouzoshu)
Genuine brew(Ingredients: Rice, Kōji rice, Distilled alcohol)



<Introduction of how to drink Sake>

Cold Sake(Rei shu)


Good tempreture of cold sake is 7~10℃.
It is the same tempreture with beer.
Try to keep sake glasses in the fridge!
You can enjoy the cold sake very well and easier!
About Ginjoshu’s best condition, it is 10-15℃.
Do not keep it cooler than 10℃, it could be out of taste when cooled too much.

sake bar @ Isetan Scotts B1

sake bar @ Isetan Scotts B1


Hot Sake(Kan zake)
“Kanzake” is hot sake to warm sake at 40-60℃, we call “Atsukan” which is to warm around 50℃, “Nurukan” is to warm around 40℃. When you order the sake, it depends on your favorite type.
When to warm around 60℃ it could be out of taste and also you cannot pick Sake Tokkuri(Sake bottle) up.
Making warm sake is to warm sake with micro wave.
Basically, to warm about 1 minutes for 1 Tokkuri sake(180ml).

We use “Choko” and “Tokkuri” for drinking Kanzake.
“Choco” is small cup for warm sake, you can save from drinking too much sake. That’s why, sake is also a healthy alkohol as Japanese food.

sake tool

shukan-ki to warm sake

Jo-on (Hiya)

“Jo-on” also means “Hiya” in Japanese.
“Jo-on” is not room tempreture, is to cool sake a little in Summer season and to warm sake 15-20℃ in Winter season.
Many Sake fans like to drink Sake as Jo-on.

On the rocks

It is to put bigger rocks of ice in chilled glass and pour very cold Sake(50-60ml) in the glass.
On the rocks is good for Junmaishu.
More modern style of drinking sake(For example, Daiginjo), is on the rocks by wine glass.