Rules of numbers in Japanese Cuisine “Washoku”(Japanese lucky number part 2)

“Shichi-go-san(=7 5 3)” are lucky numbers for Japanese culture.

Japanese use numbers in their life as lucky numbers.

Also we can use some rules of numbers in Japanese Cuisine and Japanese food life.


Japanese Cuisine ”Washoku” culture originated from China and established one of the earliest indigenous Japanese cultures.

Japanese Cuisine ”Washoku” culture consists of Yin and Yang philosophy and the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) in Chinese cosmology.

Yin and Yang

Yin = Heads = Positive = Odds

Yang = Tails =Negative = Evens

Five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water)

Circulation of nature
The wood burns and becomes the ash and goes back to the soil. It becomes the metal, and is played by water, and is drawn up by a tree.


Japanese Cuisine belongs to Yin and Yang philosophy.
There is some Yin and Yang philosophy rules between Japanese knife and dishes, too.

For example,

Japanese knife is single edged.
It has Yin and Yang.
The knife’s right side is Yang(Heads) and left side is Yin(Tails).

Thus, right position is Yang and left position is Yin.


Yin and Yang is also present in Japanese dishes.
Round shape is Yang. It includes shallow dish and sea ocean fishes dish.
Square shape is Yin. It includes deep dish and river fishes dish.

Dish of Sashimi has Yin and Yang.
For traditional example, Tuna sashimi of Hira-dukuri, is Yang cutting.
It must need of Yin for the sashimi. Hence it must be decorated on a square dish – Yin dish.
On the other hand, Flounder sashimi of Usu-dukuri, is Yin cutting.
It must need of Yang for the sashimi, and decorated on a round shape dish – Yang dish.
(Japanese life culture is changing with the times and sashimi style also changing.)


round shape Japanese dish

Odd number is better than even numbers.
Sashimi number belongs to Yang number, odd number.
There are 3 kinds of sashimi, 5 kinds of sashimi and 7 kinds of sashimi.
“Shichi-go-san(=7 5 3)” are lucky numbers for Japanese culture.
Sliced number of sashimi also belongs to odd number.


There are 5 public events in Japan from Edo period, 1600.

January 7th  Seven spring herbs

nanakusa spring hurb

March 3rd   Peach festival  girl’s festival

momo peach festival

May 5th    Iris festival boy’s festival

shoubu boy's festival

July 7th Star festival

tanabata star festival

September 9th Moon festival
(9 is luckiest number among odd number. )

moon festival