Seaweed history Did ancient people have the habit of eating laver?

Did ancient people have the habit of eating laver?

As it is Japanese origin technology to process laver, seaweed itself seems to have been eating not only in Japan but in the area of coastal areas of the world.

In the coastal areas of Japan and other Asian countries, people take fresh laver from the sea for eating as ingredients of the soup.

Especially it is interesting that people eat fresh laver in the United Kingdom of Wales.

They mix puree of fresh laver with oatmeal, fry it in fat of bacon. It is called Laverbread.


laverbread(picture from Wikipedia)

On the other hand, people eat Kimpa(Gimbap) which is a kind of sushi roll in South Korea.

Kimpa(Gimbap) was brought to South Korea by Japanese people during the Russo-Japanese War (1904 – 1905).

Japanese people started farming laver and made the technique of processing laver popular.

In those days, it is said that Korean use simple cooked rice for making Kimpa(Gimbap) instead of sushi rice like Japanese because they didn’t have vinegar as these days.

They mainly used pickled radish and other ingredients which were popular in Osaka in Japan.

korean Maki Sushi Ginbap

Korean Maki Sushi Gimbap(picture from Wikipedia)

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