002 Ms.Jovita Leenardi (Indonesia)


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Please introduce yourself.

My name is Jovita, I’m from Batam island, Indonesia.

I have a fusion Japanese restaurant in Batam.

Please introduce your restaurant.

The name is “Bent0-tei”. We serve Bento box, Sushi, Udon etc.

I have been running the restaurant for one and a half years.

Why do you have an interest in Sushi?

I have a gourmet hobby, and my children’s favorite is Japanese food.

That’s why I tried to cook Japanese food.

But they wanted more to open Japanese restaurant in Batam.

And I took 1 Day Nigiri Sushi class before about 2 years ago. I just started from there.

What is your previous occupation?

I have schools in Batam. It’s normal school, from kindergarten to high school.

Why did you change your career?

Actually, I didn’t change my career. I am a principal of the school.

I still have my School and I run one restaurant.

Since it is stable,  I just go to the school once a week.

So, I have actually quite a lot of time to do other things.

Are there Sushi restaurant in Batam?

There are some, and they are a traditional style Sushi restaurant.

I think fusion style Sushi restaurant is the only mine.

There are some Japanese restaurant too, but most of them are the franchise from Jakarta.

Do you think it is hard for Sushi restaurant to survive?

We provide good food, good quality, and then good service,

and then good marketing actually the restaurant can survive.

Do people in Batam like to eat raw fish?

Some people do, but some are not too keen in.

But I think we, let us educate the people, sooner or later, I think they will like it.

Was the class difficult for you?

At the beginning some times difficulty in controlling the amount of rice and fillings.

But once I by practice, I could. And rolling I’m not used to it, you see.

Even I have a restaurant, it’s actually like this – I never roll in the restaurant because of Chef.

But we have to know at least how to choose raw material, and how the process of the food is.

Any advice to Japanese restaurant owners?

As the owner of restaurant, we have Chef and we have to trust our Chef.

But on the other side, we still need to know how to make it.

Chef leaves, or something like that, then you have new Chefs you have to train, at least you can do something.

By studying it, you know how to choose the good raw material.

Like cutting the fish. If you don’t cut it properly, you just waste it.

It really affects the cost.