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Teriyaki Don

Teriyaki Don and Marinaded Salmon cooking class

teriyaki chiciken don

Teriyaki don is boneless chicken thigh pan-seared to perfection and coated with a home-made teriyaki sauce, and on top of a steaming bowl of rice.

It is probably one of many kids’ favourite dishes and on almost every Japanese restaurant as long as rice-bowls are included on the menu.

marinated salmon

Teriyaki is cooking technique used in Japanese cuisine.

Marinaded simply with plum (ume) paste, salt and vinegar, fresh salmon and well-cut vegetables are a delicous combination.

Learn correct cooking techniques from professional Japanese chefs, so that you recreate these dishes at home with simple, fresh ingredients and your usual kitchen equipment.

Tokyo Sushi Academy Japanese cooking class
Teriyaki Don and Marinaded Salmon

Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate

Japanese cooking class