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Teriyaki Class

crispy teriyaki chicken

crispy teriyaki chicken

Teriyaki is cooking technique used in Japanese cuisine.


The meat is brushed with a sweet savory sauce for several times before grilling.“Teri” means “shine” in Japanese. “Yaki” can mean “grill”, “broil”, “roast”, “bake” or “toast”.The sugar in the sauce gives a lustre after cooking, hence the name “teriyaki”.


The sauce is usually made by combining equal amounts of soy sauce, sake and sugar but the ratio changes according to the type of dish.Mirin is sometimes used in place of sake and honey is used to substitute for sugar.In these instances, the amount of seasoning used is reduced to half and boiled down to a thick consistency.


Teriyaki is often used for cooking chicken and yellow-tail fish. However, it can also be used for cooking hamburg steaks, other types of fishes, tsukune (chicken meatballs), squids, konnyaku and other kinds of meat.Outside of Japan, teriyaki is most commonly used to cook meat, with chicken teriyaki as the most famous dish of all.


The teriyaki method of cooking in other countries maybe different from its country of origin.In many instances, the ingredients could be marinated in teriyaki sauce before grilling or the teriyaki sauce poured on top of the dish.You can easily buy ready-made teriyaki sauce in the market now and there are many modern variations of the sauce.


The demand for soy sauce has been rising in recently worldwide.This is triggered by an increase in the usage of soy sauce-based Japanese sauces.As teriyaki sauce has a savoury sweet taste, it goes well with rice and sake. The sauce must be thick so that it will not cling on to other ingredients on the same plate.


Hence, teriyaki sauce is also suitable for making bentos.

tsukune with teriyaki sauce, Yakitori menu

tsukune with teriyaki sauce, Yakitori menu

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