The short Trial Sushi class will be held on the 3rd August.

On the coming 3rd August (Sat) from 3pm to 5pm, Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore offers the short experience class of 2 intensive courses(Sushi Course, Japanse Cuisine Course).

If you are thinking of joining intensive Sushi courses seriously,
please come and feel the hands on class for your better understanding.

Schedule: 3rd SAT AUGUST 3pm to 5pm
Min.Pax: 4
Place: Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore
*Guidance of 2 intensive courses
(Sushi Basic Course & Japanse Cuisine Basic Course)
*Hands on experience of Nigiri-sushi 3pcs & Teriyaki
*Talking with Master Instructor Mr.Asano

Fee: 30S$ (If you sign up intensive courses, will be refunded)

*You need to make reservation in advance.
*If you would like to join, please let us know by e-mail.The application form for registration will be sent to you.

Contact:    or   Tel. 6444 7828