Who are your participants?

Our participants are made of Singaporean locals and other nationalities from all over the world. We welcome everyone with any level of cooking experience. We have professional chefs and novices among our participants. It also does not matter if you are from another culinary field like pastry or Western cooking as it will expand your professional knowledge and make you an even competent chef.

I am halal/vegetarian. Can I still come for the courses?

Our kitchen is not halal-certified and most ingredients are non-vegetarian. However, we have ex-students who are vegetarian and Muslims. We have a set of knives and chopping boards specially reserved for our Muslim participants to use. They did not consume the food they prepared during class but it did not have any effect on their learning experience with us. What’s more important are the principles and techniques learned during the course.

Do I have to bring an apron or a chef uniform?

No. You will purchase a set of school uniform (comes with an apron) on the first day of the course for SGD$50. We also recommend you to wear comfortable covered shoes since you will be on your feet all the time. Please also wear long pants throughout the whole duration of the course.

Do I have to pay for ingredients and cooking equipment, such as Japanese knives?

No, the course fees pay for all ingredient fees and rental of our kitchen equipment. Purchase of Japanese knives is not required but highly recommended. The school can lend you the knives during the lessons if you do not own any knives. We also sell Japanese knives to our students so you can decide whether to buy after the lessons have started.

Are your classes hands-on or demonstration?

The instructors will do demonstrations and then it will be hands-on practice. You will get your own set of ingredients to practice during the lessons.

Are the classes in English?

Yes. The classes and course material are all in English.

Is there a minimum number of participants before you start the class?

As long as there are two participants who registered for the course, we will start the class as scheduled.

How many people are there in each class?

We try to keep our class size small for optimal teaching and learning. The maximum class size is 16.

When are the courses held?

Both Sushi basic and Japanese cuisine courses are offered every month. You can see a detailed schedule SUSHI AND JAPANESE INTENSIVE COURSES.

※Please kindly be noted that the course schedule may change in the future.