TSA Singapore school event for Temasek polytechnic students


sushi chef singapore tokyo sushi academy temasek


TSA Singapore welcomed 23 students from Temasek polytechnic on July 14th-15th.

They are majoring Food Science & Nutrition in the school.

As one of their  optional classes, they joined our 2days short Sushi class.


sushi chef singapore tokyo sushi academy temasek



Some students are already familiar with Japanese food culture.

Tan Yuan Jing (Ien) has interests in Japanese culture and

is working part time for Japanese Ramen restaurant in Singapore.


Tan Yuan Jing


“The thing that left an impression on me the most is the way of the Japanese chefs think.

They never forced customers to accept their own taste.

Moreover, they suggest  customers to make their own taste with spice and  sauce..

in Japanese words, “Okonomi-de. (Make your own taste)”

I felt that this is very respectful attitude to customers.”

We are looking forward to see how they will be,the future leaders of food industry in Singapore!