006 Mr. Sky Yong (Malaysia)

sushi school

Why did you choose Tokyo Sushi Academy (TSA)?

At first, I chose Tokyo Sushi Academy because I wanted to learn in greater detail about
Japanese sushi and cuisine.
I graduated as a western cuisine student and have worked in different areas with different
Learning Japanese cuisine is to perfect my skills in the culinary field.
For personal reasons, students I actually love Japanese cuisine more than any other cuisine
so I plan to pursue my dream to learn Japanese cuisine.

How was your experience here?

My experience for the period with this academy is perfect!
I had a feeling and sense of belonging.
I was impressed by the seriousness of the lecturers who were trying to impart
more and more knowledge for the students, while yet conducting the class in a fun
and learner-centered way so as to interact with all the students and ensure
that everybody absorbed what they are trying to deliver.
It was really a fantastic experience with the team.