What is popular Japanese cuisine?

SUSHI – it is already popular in the world.

Now Japanese food and cuisine has become one of a popular cuisine.

At the Milan Food Expo this year, there were big crowds in front of the Japan pavilion every day.

Japan pavilion milan 2015 Japan pavilion milan 2015-2 Japan pavilion milan 2015-3

Japanese cuisine?  You say, “Sushi!”?

Actually sushi is really a specialty in Japan.

There are some local homemade sushi menus. For example, “Chirashi-sushi” and “Inari sushi”.

Many Japanese cannot make traditional Authentic sushi “Nigiri sushi” and “Roll sushi” that everybody knows and have experiences in eating in Singapore and abroad. Most Japanese, however, know how to make homemade style Japanese cuisine.


I would like to introduce 10 delightful menus with the following advantages:

  • 1   Japanese cuisine with local ingredients you can find easily.
  • 2   Nice menus for beginners eaters of Japanese cuisine.
<What is popular Japanese cuisine?>

No.1 Sushi

Sushi is strongly popular amongst Japanese food.
Making "Roll sushi" is easier than making  "nigiri-sushi" at home. 
(link  Roll sushi and nigiri sushi) 


No.2 Western style Japanese cuisine  
Japanese people arrange many cuisine menus. Some menus are accepted by international people.  

Hamburg(arrangement meatloaf) and Omelette rice(omelette and chicken rice combination) 
are really Japanese original menus. 

hamburg web

No.3 Nikujaga
One popular Japanese cuisine at home.  You can see and eat at Izakayas in Japan sometimes.

nikujaga web


No.4 Okonomi-yaki

The styles and ingredients are different depending on prefecture. 

You can make hotplate at home – there is Okonomi-yaki kit in the big supermarkets.



No.5 Tempura

To make tempura is really troublesome as you must clean kitchen a lot after cooking. 

But hot fried tempura is really tasty and crispy.



No.6  Tonkatsu

Please try to eat a variety of tonkatsu!  We can get some kinds of Japanese pork:Kurobuta pork, Platinum pork etc.

New style of healthy tonkatsu “Mille-feuille tonkatsu” – You can try to find in Japanese restaurants. 
This menu on the outside is thin pork slice, and the inside is vegetables, very healthy.

No.7 Miso-soup

It is most popular among Japanese.
Japanese eat it with seasonal vegetables to keep balance with nourishment every day.
There are many types of Miso in Japan.
Now International people can eat Miso-soup, but they could not accept
“Dashi” smell and taste (Konbu and Katsuo taste), before.
So, we can eat Miso-soup in any other countries’ Japanese restaurants.
miso soup
No.8  Japanese Curry rice(Rice Curry)

Japanese chef arranged from the curry menu of the English during the war period.

Japanese curry rice
No.9  Dashi-maki Tamago(Japanese Omelette)

It is made of eggs and Japanese stock “Dashi” in a special square pan.
Eat Dashi-maki Tamago with shed radish and soy sauce.

Dashimaki Tamago
No.10  Chicken Karaage(Japanese style Fried Chicken)

It is good as a menu for Bento, and is a nice side dish for beers or wines.
You can bring Karaage for home parties.