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X’mas bento box

Kids bento event National play day in Singapore 2015
X’mas bento

TSA Singapore jointed Natinal play day on 19th December.

Our program was Kids bento making demonstration.

We are introduce some design Bento box for kids.


For the Santa Claus Bento Box

Step 1: Pull out the 1 ham in the drop type. This is the foundation.

Step 2: Unplug a triangular part of the drop-type by using two cuts. This is the hat.

Step 3: Pull out the cheddar cheese in the drop type. This is the face.

Step 4: Pull out the cheese slices in the round part of the drop type further staggered to create a twice disconnected the beard.

Step 5: Step 1 the ham foundation + Step 3 the Cheddar cheese face + Step 2 the triangular ham hat + Step 4 superimpose the beard.

Step 6: Use a straw to cut the Cheddar cheese to make a nose.

Step 7: Use a smiley face punch to get the eyes and the mouth.

There we have our Santa Claus!

X'mas tree design sushi roll bento

small onigiri bento

Santa Nori bento