Why Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore?

Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore is the first and only branch school of Tokyo Sushi Academy in Tokyo. Our headquarters in Tokyo started in 2002 and is the most established sushi school in Japan. Our instructors are Japanese with years of experience in the Japanese food industry so you can be ensured of a truly authentic culinary experience in our academy.

The 2-week sushi course in Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore is suitable for you if you wish to do a short but intensive sushi course or if you are still undecided about making your way to Tokyo, where you will take 8-week Authentic Sushi Course attending diploma.

Our 2-week basic Japanese cuisine course is only offered in Tokyo Sushi Academy Singapore. You will exposed to the different methods of Japanese cuisine and learn to create signature Japanese dishes hands-on. The duration of the course will enable you to gain in-depth proficiency that you cannot attain in short-term cooking classes.