sushi student from Chez public“The course could have more hours in a day.”

The chefs have a professional attitude, are well-organised and are knowledgeable.

The course could have more hours in a day.

Martin Rous (Working professional from Czech Republic) | Basic Sushi course

Singaporean 19 years old student“Very authentic sushi and yet easy to understand.”

Very authentic sushi and yet easy to understand.

However, the course starts very early in the morning.

Lim Ken Zen (19 year old student) | Sushi Basic course & Japanese Cuisine Basic Course

Sky Yong(Western cuisine chef in Singapore)“It is useful for me to have a picture of the Japanese food before working in a Japanese restaurant. “

I liked the knowledge gained and shared by the instructors with the students. The varieties of the fish handled is not enough. I wish to have more practical hands-on training. I liked all the Japanese cuisine recipes and the knowledge that I obtained. It is useful for me to have a picture of the Japanese food before working in a Japanese restaurant.

Sky Yong (Western cuisine chef in Singapore) | Sushi Basic course & Japanese Cuisine Basic Course

Tokyo Sushi Academy Testimonial“Looking forward to completing another course with TSA”

Excellent 2-week course covering all basics of sushi-making.
I was very impressed by the skills and knowledge of my instructors.
My sushi-making skills have improved a lot.

Gemma Ayers (Private yacht chef from Australia)|Basic sushi course

sushi basic course“Have learned so much in two weeks. “

Enjoyed the course very much.
Have learned so much in two weeks.
Feel more confident going back to prepare sushi & prepare handling fish.

Brigitte (Yacht head chef from South Africa) | Sushi Basic course

Tokyo Sushi Academy Testimonial“Professional instructors who take their teaching seriously”

The instructors are very patient and their classes are fun, informative and dynamic.
They take their teaching seriously and I learned about the importance of adhering to professional standards as a cook.
I enjoyed the lessons thoroughly and look forward to taking the basic sushi course in the near future!

Katherine Soo | Basic Japanese cuisine course

Tokyo Sushi Academy Testimonial“Knowledgeable instructor who shares openly and willingly”

I learnt a lot about the culture of Japanese cooking.
The instructor was very detailed in his teachings on Japanese food and culture.
He is knowledgeable and very willing to share with me what he knows.

Netty Loy | Private class

Tokyo Sushi Academy Testimonial“Enriching course taught by dedicated and helpful instructors”

It is a very enriching course and I learnt a lot.
Although I did not manage to perfect all the techniques, I am very satisfied with the lessons.
Mr. Fujisaki is an excellent teacher and I appreciate his help and dedication.

Alvin Yue | Basic sushi course

Tokyo Sushi Academy Testimonial“Enjoyable, quality lesson which is worth the money”

I enjoyed the class very much and it was a good experience for me.

The class is worth the price that I paid for it.

Helen | Kazarimaki (Art Roll Sushi) class

Tokyo Sushi Academy Testimonial“Exceeded expectations and highly recommended”

The class was better than I expected it to be and the teaching was extremely clear.

I would definitely recommend Tokyo Sushi Academy to my friend.

Julien Casterede | Nigiri Sushi class

Tokyo Sushi Academy Testimonial“Very satisfying experience”

The instructors are very knowledgeable and professional.

The kitchen is also very well-equipped.

Nancy Chan | Basic Sushi course and Basic Japanese Cuisine course

“A very good experience”

I appreciate the preciseness shown by the instructor throughout the teaching process.

The staff of TSA are very helpful and friendly.

Lee Yu Yi|Cooking class

Tokyo Sushi Academy Testimonial“Would definitely recommend the school to others”

Amazing class!

Ashley Ondrick (from Philippines)|Private class